Stickers on JDM cars

  • May 13, 2019

Stickers on JDM cars

Seeing a car imported from Japan, you probably often wonder what the specific car stickers and emblems mean. Most approvals, homologation and service records are placed on the vehicle using stickers or magnets. Check what each of them means.

An air-conditioned vehicle – Can be found on buses and older cars from times when the air conditioning was not a standard feature.

Baby on board – Japanese version of sticker looks like this.

Cold district specification – When buying a car from the dealer, you could choose customized options. In the north of Japan it was popular to adapt the car to a cooler climate by adding a larger battery, heated mirrors or different coolant.

Ignition Timing Adjustment – Any car registered in Japan before 1943 must pass the ignition setting to meet the exhaust emission standards. The following sticker is a confirmation that the car has passed the correction.

Emissions rating for an imported car – Cars imported to Japan must meet specific emission standards. The following markings show that the car meets the emission regulations. There are two types of stickers, with mufflers and stars.

Japanese parking sticker – Japanese regulations require car owners to prove that the car has its own parking space, without it is not possible to register the vehicle.

Japanese technical inspection “Shaken” – Sticker called “tenken seibi-zumi shiiru”,placed in the upper left corner of the windshield reminds you of the date of the next “Shaken” – Japanese technical inspection.

Road illegal sticker – If your car is too loud, too low or you’re just unlucky with the police, you’ll get such a mark on the car.

Timing belt replacement -Do You want to know when your JDM car had a timing belt replacement ? Look for these stickers.

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