Megablast on tour 3: Next Level Summer Drift Camp 3

  • September 20, 2019

Last weekend we were at the most open of all closed events. Unusual opening, right? I will explain everything below but let’s start from the beginning. About two months ago we received an invitation from Next Level to a drifting event taking place in one of the Polish cities. Of course, we could not miss it because when the time came our Megablast van was already full of tires and everything that could be useful during that weekend. The plan was to join on route with my silvia. Fast Packing, liquor store shopping, refueling and …. and the nissan decided to do what it does best – not work. At the gas station he lost charging because of the chemical reaction on power cables. Thank God, tit happened in my hometown and my mom came to help with sandpaper and tools. The situation, however, lasted a longer moment so I drove towards Toruń like a lonely rider.

In a classic typical for me style I came when the work was already done, Seba and Kuba managed to choose the best spot with electricity under the lantern and already unpacked most of the things. The important rule of tent parties is to unfold the tent before you start drinking.

You know this feeling when the guests at the party divide into groups? It turned out that if you were interested in what the groups were talking about, you could find a really interesting conversation. And so that night I learned that one of the homies is building a star-powered car (I will save you googling, it’s a helicopter engine). I learned something about the technology of producing new rims and discovered delicious beer brewed on tea. Unfortunately at night it was so cold that I woke up somewhere in the morning feeling every part of my body had frozen. I took with me all my belongings, i.e. a tracksuit, a sleeping bag, two sweatshirts and a blanket and I decided to go to sleep in a warm car. The idea was good, but I forgot that I have a Nissan which of course did not start, luckily it is good to have a friend who drives miata and you can always hug him.

The second day was a core of the event – drifting. As for cars, I will not write about them as I think that what one likes is an individual matter, but my attention was drawn to Kamil’s (Fatclan) gray S13. The car is absolutely brilliant, fitting the style of the beginning of the century equipped just as we like in original parts straight from Japan (Kamil has rims from us :)). The third day was a bit stressful for me and my Nissan. During the night integration combined with lots of alcohol, I talked to Michał. Michał has a gray Polonez and swore that he had enough power to drift third gear, I just said “if the polonez puts up third gear, I will bring my silvia on the track”, and he made this … in front of my eyes. The word was said, so I passed steering wheel to Sebastian and he did the rest, it was nice experience but at least 3 flying cars towards you during the spin was really stressful. Why do I think this is the most open of all closed events? Because every year I find out how open the allegedly hermetical the environment that creates this event is. Do what you love the best you can, work on your car, practice your skills behind the wheel and you will surely get an invitation. We really loved that weekend, thank you and see you soon!

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