Megablast on tour 2: Raceism 2019

  • July 15, 2019

In my life at Raceism I was only once. This party did not made good impression on me, do not get me wrong, the buildcars are impressive, but then something was missing. This year that I went to the event again, this time as a participant. During this year’s edition, my attitude has changed significantly, but let’s start from the beginning. The Megablast representation was divided into two camps, those who stood “upstairs”: Krzysiek with his Toyota Soarer Z20, Sebastian with his silver MX-5 NB and Tomek‘s Lexus LS500h L and the drifting zone. In this zone we put Previa, white Sebastian‘s MX5 aka Chrupek and my Silvia S15. Those “pretty boys” went to Wroclaw on Thursday, for us the fun was just beginning, because Seba had gone the day before, leaving me with his missile to complete and what is the most important, to wrap it in colors of Megablast.

Preparations started already with the wheels for white miata. It turned out that 4×100 -> 4×114.3 spacers, which were supposed to be on the car, did not fit so the plan to put on the rollers from Japan collapsed and I had to think. The only option for everything to succeed was steelies 8.5 and 9.5 and tires with 175 and 155 wide. Where was the catch? 155 had to be put on the wider rim, because we only had 13 and 14 inch tires in the wheel size. We failed trying to shoot tires on with dashboard cleaner, however friendly vulcanization shop and its equipment in the form of an inflator came to the rescue.
As it turned out, the tires unfortunately did not want to cooperate so We had to go back to the explosive plan “A” It ended up with fitted tires and a hole in the ceiling, yeah you read it well, in case of one rim the pressure was so big that the rim shot up to make the hole in the roof (sorry Dominik somehow we’ll fix it xD). The problem of wheels solved, we can deal with important things now. Somewhat after 19:00 Megablast was visited tby Tomek and Justyna from Wrappingmajster, who took care of branding car in a pattern designed by Fiji from Hot Vision, and Gimbus, Here, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this. Looking at the scene where Itasha and flames reign, this style adds a breath of fresh air and Tomek and Justyna perfectly transformed idea to the car. Everything took place quite smoothly, because the car was on wheels, ready to leave at 1:00 am. It’s time to sleep, at 8:00 we have a trip. As we agreed, we left at 10:00 picking up the sideskirts for Previa.


The trip went without a problem, while entering Wroclaw we noticed a car, which in my opinion should be in TOP8. I am talking about cherry Silvia PS13 from Russia with a wankel engine under the hood. The project was very clean and perfectly done, respect for the owner that came to the party on wheels having a 1.5 cm clearance between the asphalt and the front sleds with the airride raised up. The interior of the car has been stripped to bare metal, but what surrounds the driver and passenger has been built on the spot building a sense of “coziness” in a car that looks like a typical racer. Staying with silvias, I got the attention of yellow S15 from Sweden. So far I have not been a fan of 326 power body kits, only seeing it live with the VS-XX, Bags and the Grip Royal steering wheel inside (I am very much at it) I became convinced of this style. Next to the stage, you could find the black Toyota Mark II JZX100 on Work Meister S1, personally my dream daily. Finally, the cherry on the cake, two R34 GTR. One in the Bayside Blue color on custom rims referring to the originals and the second, very rare Nismo S1 converted by Omori Factory. Interestingly, the owner of black skyline also has R34 GTR Nur Spec and he drives Supra JZA80 as a daily.

The best party, however, took place downstairs in the drift zone. As for the cars, the view was quite classic. Lots of BMW, a few nissans and two miatas, all cars, however, stood out made of grassroot style. However, it’s not about cars, it’s about people. The integration was at its best. Do you want to meet car owners and party with them? No problem! In this 3 days Wrocław reminded me a bit of the climate from H20i movies. The city fills up with modded cars and people in hotels (in this case also in the machine park) party enjoying themselves and doing stupid things, building memories. Why did I change the approach to the event? Because looking at the car I understood how much work my S15 need. It’s not about the specific style of the car, but about the approach to modifications. Cars built uncompromisingly, on original parts with attention to details. Climate of grassroot is still alive, it develops and the people who build it are great at it. A community that integrates, inspires and often helps each other.

Dlaczego zmieniłem podejście do imprezy ? Bo patrząc na samochodu zrozumiałem ile z moją silvią jest pracy przede mną. Nie chodzi o konkretny styl samochodu ale o podejście do modzenia. Auta zbudowane bezkompromisowo, na oryginalnych częściach z uwagą na detale. Poza tym, klimat grassroot jest ciągle żywy, rozwija się i piękni w nim są ludzie którzy go budują. Społeczność, która się integruje, inspiruje i często pomaga sobie nawzajem.

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