Nissan Skyline (R32) GTS-4 26 Autech Version

  • December 10, 2018
Nissan Skyline (R32) GTS-4 26 Autech Version


Today I want to show You one of the most bizarre and interesting car that has ever produced in Japan.
We have no doubts that Nissan Skyline is an icon of the Japanese car culture. Every petrolhead knows variants of “sky” from GT trough GT-T ending on legendary GTR. Probably some of you have even heard about 4-door R33 GTR. Don’t forget, that Nissan specifically Autech brand was very creative.

As You probably know, the heart of GTR is RB26DETT equipped with two turbos making 280 HP (officially) but inquisitive owners of that cars have noticed that real amount of HP was 330.

In Autech version turbos were removed, yes that’s right, this car was powered by naturally aspirated RB26 making 217 HP and 245 NM equipped with 4-speed automatic gearbox.

Power was transfered to the ground with the help of AWD ATTESA system. This limited model (only 191 pieces were produced) comes only in JK0 Yellowish Green Metallic colour. Car had different bumpers, fenders and steering wheels with Autech logo. Interestingly enough seats were standard but with GTR pattern.

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