Toyota Soarer Z20

  • June 17, 2019

Although I was not here at that time the 80’s “retro” atmosphere is well known to me, maybe because of the returning 80’s and 90’s hype? What is my idea of that period? It’s built with the help of an old school anime and this car is definitely like an old school anime.

Let’s start with such facts, Toyota was pulled out of the container a month ago. It is the first car with 1G-GTE engine stapled with an automatic transmission in Poland. The best option for “gentleman cruiser”.

The engine is very similar to the 1GFE which can be found in the first generation Lexus IS. We remind you that soarer with this engine has been produced since 1986!

Returning to the car with the more “romantic” approach. First impression is important isn’t it? The first thing you pay attention to when unpacking a car are rear lights and these cannot be missed. All because of an interesting idea of placing the emblems in Z20 on the lampshades we can find the model markings and with what version it is.

Toyota designers knew what they were doing, the way the emblems and stickers were placed shouts “high tech“ from the distance. On the door there is “24valveTwinturbo” sticker, on the blend below the front lamp we can also see an inscription informing us how many turbines soarer has.

However, the real magic is happening inside. For the people traveling by this car, there are automatic air conditioning, automatic seats and mirrors, and remember this car is from the 80’s. But what matters most is just in front of the driver. We’re talking about digital clocks illuminated in blue. They look incredibly futuristic while being packaged in design from their era; they look exactly like computers, scanners, phones and other gadgets in animated Japanese productions.
In the car, we also find illuminated brake and gas pedals that flash to the rhythm of music.

And also a very interesting invention in the form of small greenish lamps on the fenders.

At the end, grab a bonus photo that I was able to take when of thunder stroke and just in time of a flash 🙂

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