New cars delivery

  • September 3, 2018
New cars delivery

Most of us for sure know the aura accompanying preparation for Japfest or other similar event of this type.

Motor preparation, minor adjustments of body kit or stashing brand new rims just in time to be ready for the big gig. In other words tons of work left for the last minute. For this edition of Japfest we decided to take not one, but five cars so we know this feeling like no one else.

And what happened if the preparations are disturbed? It is not a problem if familie who thinks that you spend way too much time in the garage bothers you, but who expects a container filled with four cars brought straight form Japan to arrive nine hours before getting going to a festival.

Our Japfest preparations were interrupted by arrival of exactly this mentioned container, but what was in it?

Soon you will see what was in the container, but first you will be able to see the road those beauties crossed.

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